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GRANDE: Advanced Control Surface for Digital Audio Workstation


GRANDE is a top class control surface for Digital Audio Workstation and it is a must for any professional Recording/Post-Production studio.

GRANDE is the result of years of R&D efforts and brainstorming with top experts in the field of post-production.

GRANDE beats current DAW control surfaces in both ergonomics and controls quantity.


With GRANDE you get a full and intuitive control of your DAW, reaching a productivity never seen before.

GRANDE lets you map all your DAW virtual mixer controls on the console: you can directly operate on all channel strip parameters such as gain, mute, stereo or surround pan, bus routing, monitor sends and many others. Moreover, you have a direct control on all the channel strip plug-ins parameters.

With GRANDE you can also modify the parameter automation status according to the DAW available automation modes.

In order to improve mix automation, both motorized faders and rotary encoders are touch-sensitive and every switch has a dedicated “automation punch-in/out” button.



Touchscreens are one of the most important features of GRANDE; with them you can immediately recall plug-ins parameters, automation functions and layouts.

The smart use of touchscreens and the high quantity of rotary encoders and switches really simplify your recording session. Reduce paging and difficult mnemonic procedures for parameters selection !

GRANDE mixes the use of touchscreens with tactile controls. In the system, touchscreens are used for layout recall, setup or administration, but all audio parameters are under real encoder knobs or pushbuttons control.

Recently everybody has seen the release of many touchscreen-based DAW controllers. During discussions with our customers, everybody sadly observed the lack of tactile controls in current DAW controllers. Everybody likes knobs and buttons and GRANDE has a lot of them ... and, don't forget, it has high-quality pushbuttons and fantastic, long-life, high-resolution rotary encoders.


The “Master Bay” offers to the recording/editing engineer a wide range of controls: transport, solo mode and level, monitoring and talk-back. The Edit section includes an extensive set of Editing commands and a lot of reconfigurable pushbuttons. All buttons are very high quality and long-life mechanical ones. The touchscreen in the Master Bay is used for system administration and setup.

An embedded keyboard lets you work as usual with your preferred DAW keys shortcuts for a smooth transition to surface dedicated editing controls. We didn't forgot your mouse/trackball: GRANDE has a mouse pad area for it !


The main features of GRANDE are:


- High quality touch-sensitive motorized faders and rotary encoders.

- High quantity of reconfigurable strip controls (rotary knobs and pushbuttons) as in analog consoles.

- One touchscreen for each “Channel Strip Bay” to manage plug-ins, automation and more.

- Outstanding user visual feedback and a high level of control surface customization.

- Outstanding Editing Master Section with a multitude of reconfigurable and dedicated pushbuttons for lightning-speed editing sessions.


GRANDE maximizes your results and it is really time saving: relax yourself mixing all your projects without watching the DAW monitor.

"Master Bay" editing controls are a must for Post-Production projects.


System architecture


GRANDE is usually made up of one or more “Channel Strip Bay” and one "Master Bay". If your workflow needs it, you can add more than one "Master Bay".

In any case, you can control more heterogeneous DAWs with a single Master Bay. For this reason GRANDE can control a KVM switch to manage more than one station.

This configuration gives you all the controls you can find in live, broadcast and post-production consoles.



The mechanical frame of GRANDE supports the Channel Strip Bays and the Master Bay modules and holds the electrical interconnections and the power supplies.

GRANDE frame is modular: the control surface grows with you by simple add-ons. You can add Channel Strip Bay, Master Bay and Dummy Bay when you want with simple add-ons and upgrade of the frame.

There are two kind of frames: stand-alone and table-top. You will be able to switch between the two option without big changes to the system and preserving your modules investment.

GRANDE frame can also offer Near-Field Monitors mounting with cable management.


Do you have special needs? Devil Technologies will be glad to build custom frames or to integrate GRANDE modules in a user-made frame.


All building blocks are connected to a central "Control Node" by an Ethernet network.

The software nature of the protocol gateway inside the Control Node ensures the greatest flexibility you need to link one or more consoles to a network of DAWs.

The smart Control Node software architecture allows the easy implementation of new protocols for emerging DAWs or Hardware Mix Engines.




For critical applications like broadcasting, the internal network can be redundant. In this configuration the network is doubled and there is no single point-of-failure.

Software gives you a back-up method to move channels from a faulty bay to a working one.

Power supply system is redundant and its total power grows with the addition of more bays.


Channel Strip Bay


GRANDE Channel Strip Bays have one touchscreen each: on the touchscreen you can set up strip controls automation modes, show the plug-ins parameters of the channel strip you are working on, modify surround placement of the source and you can recall your preferred project layout (mapping between DAW virtual channels and console physical channel strips). You can also recall a “virtual transport control window” on the touchscreen.


GRANDE channel strips are definitely one of the most complete solution ever seen on a DAW mixing console.


The faders section includes eight high quality touch-sensitive motorized faders. Every fader has software-enabled backstop PFL.

In this section you have a lot of RGB illuminated pushbuttons for each channel strip: you have dedicated buttons for Mute, Solo, Channel-Select and automation mode. You can also set some user-defined buttons.

Channel name, gain value, fader automation status and additional informations are shown in the touchscreen-LCD panel.


Over the faders section you have a block of 24 rotary encoders (3 for each Ch Strip). Every rotary encoder is a touch-sensitive long-life model with a 1024 steps/turn resolution. They have a real stepless analog feel. Near to each encoder you can find two RGB illuminated pushbuttons. Status of encoders and buttons, names and values of parameters and automation status are clearly displaied in the dedicated area of the touchscreen. Values are dinamically updated by the DAW automation engine.


The Touchscreen section includes a wide viewing angle LCD display and a high quality touchscreen.

Here you are able to assign functions to rotary encoders or pushbuttons in a trivial way. Thanks to the reconfigurable software nature of this section, GRANDE Channel Strip Bay is a perfect example of future-proof piece of gear.


In the upper part of the Channel Strip Bay you can find an additional block of 32 rotary encoders (4 for each Ch Strip). This section is very similar to the previous one.


The existence of two rotary encoders blocks can be used to fix near you some of the most used parameters and leave a "floating functions" block in the upper area. You can also select a double working method: less parameters for every strip or complete explosion of one strip parameters across one bay. As aforementioned said, the software nature of the system is open to future upgrades.


At the top of the bay frame you have the meter section: it is a wide viewing angle LCD display showing high resolution multiformat meters, EQ, pan, routing and channel name.

If available from the DAW automation engine, this display can also show automation and media information for each track.


The Channel Strip Bay is 340 mm wide.


Master Bay


GRANDE Master Bay is made of the following blocks:


- Keyboard with a complete set of navigation and special function keys.

- Jog/Shuttle wheel and dedicated RGB-illuminated transport/locate pushbuttons.

- Mouse-Pad area for mouse or trackball.

- Reconfigurable RGB-illuminated pushbuttons.

- Numerical Keypad.

- Edit/Automation/Navigation/Management fixed function pushbuttons blocks.

- Full-Featured fader block for selected strip mixing from the master section or master channel control.

- Control-Room/Solo/TalkBack-Communications controls.

- 24 rotary encoders blocks for general purpose use.

- Touchscreen display for management/setup actions.

- DAW Display arm with cable management system.


The Master Bay is only 620 mm wide and it includes all what you need to Edit and Mix your project; thanks to its compact layout, Channel Strip Bays are at hand.

Thanks to the existence of the fader block, Master Bay can also work in stand-alone mode.