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Devil Technologies upgrades DTouch for Pro Tools to version 1.4


24 Feb 2015


DTouch for Pro Tools has been upgraded to version 1.4 with the introduction of the following improvements:


- Support for Windows 8 Operating System


- Support for multimonitor configurations: now you can mix touch and regular monitors with different resolutions; you can use an arbitrary number of touch and regular monitors. You have a fast swap function to flip the Edit and Mix windows on two monitors, for example one touch and one regular monitor.


- Support for the most recent 4K monitors.


- Flexible support for different Pro Tools Mix window views with automatic and adaptive fader length.


- Full name and number of the mixer tracks, not limited to 4 characters.


- Improved PanPot control.


- Automatic windows alignment function: you don't need to perform boring and error-prone manual alignment of DTouch and Pro Tools windows. With DTouch V1.4 everything is completely automatic!


- Improved macro engine with even more powerful basic commands. Now you can build very complex macro sequences with minimal manual inputs by the user: opening the road to a total and automatic control of Pro Tools.


- Ability to define up to 8 tactile keyboard macro layouts.


- Support for external HUI controller with up to 32 faders.


DTouch is immediately available on our web store.

Upgraded installer is immediately available from our support section.