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DTools for Pro Tools V1


DTools for Pro Tools integrates the most powerful macro recorder/editor/player ever specifically designed for Pro Tools.

Unlike general purpose macro recorders available on the market, DTools offers direct control on a lot of Pro Tools specific functions.

The DTools application will offer you a fast interaction with Pro Tools Session Editor.


Pro Tools is a great DAW, the core of the vast majority of studios around the world. Unfortunately, the lack of a macro-engine inside Pro Tools forces the user to waste a lot of time for repetitive and boring tasks.

DTools can change all this; DTools advanced Macro-Editor can save you hours a day, automating very complex and cumbersome command sequences. DTools Macro-Editor is a real Pro Tools supercharger!


The DTools Macro-Editor is a very powerful tool that will allow you to create special function buttons with the power of a Macro Language. You will be able to build complex sequence of keycommands, record and play mouse moves and clicks, interact with Pro Tools windows and much more.


DTools Macro Editor

DTools Macro-Editor is one of the most powerful macro engine available on the market. You will be able to build incredibly complex and interactive macros with the help of a simple macro builder GUI or by using the power of an outstanding embedded Python® Scripting Language Interpreter. The use of Python® language and a dedicated API opens an incredible amount of future improvements to your work-flow.



DTools MacroPad

The DTools software gives you a lot of hands-on buttons located in the MacroPad. This is a matrix composed entirely of user-defined freely assignable buttons, engineered to customize and speed-up your work-flow!
The DTools MacroPad Window stays on top of the Pro Tools and every other window.
The ergonomic and compact organization of the DTools MacroPad leaves space for you to continue working on you project, while being the perfect companion for repetitive and boring tasks.

Thanks to its SW-only nature and to the total freedom from a specific HW, DTools leaves a great space for future upgrades and improvements.

DTools is distributed with a continuously updated Macro Library developed by Devil Technologies.
You will also be able to Import and Export your preferred Macros and share your DTools settings and Macro Library across multiple workstations.

DTools Macro-Editor gives you a tool able to map Macros to your tactile workstation keyboard; with this tool, you will be able to remap any shortcut or complex macro to a custom keyboard layout.

The DTools application connects to Pro Tools using a pair of MIDI ports, but it offers a "Pass-through" ability that lets you use your preferred MIDI controller, assuring the maximum compatibility with your current studio setup!
With DTools you have the option to connect any external HUI-compatible DAW controller. This will combine the power of DTools versatility with the feeling of a physical fader, bringing you the ultimate experience in DAW control.

Enjoy your new studio life with DTools!






System requirements


Supported OS Versions:
You need Microsoft Windows 7 (all editions) or Microsoft Windows 8 (all editions) to run DTools.
Previous versions of Microsoft Windows are NOT supported.
Future versions (e.g. Microsoft Windows 10) will be supported as soon as possible.

Supported Pro Tools Versions:
DTools supports Avid Pro Tools 10, Avid Pro Tools 11 and Avid Pro Tools 12.
DTools interfaces with Pro Tools using a virtual MIDI connection (you must install a Virtual MIDI Bridge in your system; please, read carefully the "Getting Started" Chapter in the DTools User Guide)

Supported iLok Versions:
DTools requires an iLok dongle to work (any generation).
The license for DTools operation can be stored on iLok (any generation), but not on the computer.

Supported Displays:

DTools will work with any display that meets these requirements:

- Resolution: 1920x1080 (mandatory!)


Supported External Controllers:

DTools supports any HUI-compatible external controller.
DTools does not support non-HUI external controllers (contact us for more information).




If you want to get a Trial version of DTools, or want to buy a Full license, contact us.